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OMRTRPG - [Untitled] (Updated February 11th)

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OMRTRPG - [Untitled]  (Updated February 11th) Empty OMRTRPG - [Untitled] (Updated February 11th)

Post  noley on Tue Dec 14, 2010 4:22 am

Hello everyone, I am currently beginning a project that I am really excited for.

I am working on an Online Multiplayer Real-Time Role-Playing Game.

I haven't decided on the name yet, I have some of the storyline figured out, a lot of the core concepts for combat and other systems which I hope to be able to include..

Some Notes:
(Please see bottom)
Currently there are over 900 lines of code. (981 the last time I counted).

A brief description of my goal for the combat system:

I am thinking of making a somewhat martial-arts styled combat system where a character generates "Elemental Power" by using their martial-arts skills on an enemy which they can use to unleash powerful elemental abilities respective to their faction.

I wanted to post this thread to help keep me motivated on this project and to possibly get some feedback on my ideas and progress. :]

I'll keep you all updated on this project (:

***February 11th / 2011***
Redesign of the GUI, mouse, and movement codes.

Complete re-write of the skill/ability system.

***January 10th / 2011***
A lot of restructuring of code... Added several new functions for loading the world and game objects/player objects/monster objects to save time and require fewer lines of code later on Smile

***January 4th / 2011***
Added Geographical Location system ("Locations" based on XYZ coords).

Added music system that cycles through a list of songs based on your Geographical Location.

***January 2nd / 2011***
Added SkyBox into the scene.

Added "locations" based on XYZ co-ordinates, different music will play based on your location.

Created simple implementation of targeting system.

***January 1st / 2011***
Added the ability to zoom in and zoom out with mouse scroll wheel.

Added the ability to turn left and right by clicking the right mouse button and dragging the mouse left or right.

Added the ability to look around by clicking the left mouse button and dragging the mouse up or down.

Added a cooldown display for abilities above the Ability Image.

***December 30th / 2010***
Gravity height value problems completely fixed.

Jumping System improved slightly.

***December 25th / 2010***
Took quite some time off from working on the game! But I'm back now Smile

Gravity and collision were actually not working how I wanted, now using NVIDA PhysX SDK,
collision functioning properly, gravity functioning properly however some issues seem to occur with certain height values -- will look into this issue soon.

Also a basic jumping system is now available using the SpaceBar. Wink

***December 17th / 2010 ***
Basic Gravity and Collision implemented.

***December 14th / 2010 ***
Due to some unexpected problems over here I was forced to restart the entire project from scratch...

Currently Functional:

When you run the program, a quick loading screen splash displays and then disappears when the content has loaded. Also the TITLE is displayed in the Window as "Xplosive - Online Multiplayer Real-Time RPG"

A placeholder model is able to slide around an open room that I created, followed by a 3rd-person camera.

In the top left your character's avatar is displayed along with health and elemental power bars.
Health and Elemental power are now fully functional resources for taking damage and using abilities.
When your health reaches 0 you die, text displays on the screen reporting "You are dead.", future builds will include the ability to resurrect.

WSAD or ArrowKeys to move Smile
SpaceBar jumps. Very Happy
RightMouseButton to turn left and right.
LeftMouseButton to look around.
MouseWheel to zoom in and out. =]

Outside of combat your health regenerates at a rate of 4% per 2 seconds and your elemental power diminishes at a rate of 8% per 2 seconds.

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OMRTRPG - [Untitled]  (Updated February 11th) Empty Re: OMRTRPG - [Untitled] (Updated February 11th)

Post  pqowieuryt101 on Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:32 pm

sounds like a really good project, looking forward to seeing more Smile

are you going to release demos in the future?

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OMRTRPG - [Untitled]  (Updated February 11th) Empty Re: OMRTRPG - [Untitled] (Updated February 11th)

Post  noley on Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:39 pm

Very Happy Glad you think so ! Smile

Yes I certainly will be releasing demos in the future as the game content becomes more playable.

I am still working on some of the basics of the game, having to start over put a bit of a dent in the schedule x.x Oh well.
^As I'm writing this, I just finished the health/elemental power resources for taking damage and using abilities Very Happy

I'm off tomorrow and Friday, and then I have Christmas holidays.. So expect to see many updates in the near future Wink


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OMRTRPG - [Untitled]  (Updated February 11th) Empty Re: OMRTRPG - [Untitled] (Updated February 11th)

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