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Things to know while promoting your website.

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Things to know while promoting your website. Empty Things to know while promoting your website.

Post  RobertGoodrum on Mon Mar 28, 2011 10:46 am

The most important thing to worry about while promoting your website is to ensure that the customers visit your site repeatedly. This includes search engines, web directories and web surfers.
In the case of business websites, no matter what all strategies you use to promote your site, the looks and overall design is what makes users to stay in your site longer and make purchases.
Your website should always be optimized for search engines. All the links in your website should be properly functioning. The presence of broken links is a bad mark for your site. This will cause visitors to navigate away in search of other websites.
If you are using CSS and HTML links, make sure that both work properly. If you want search engines to find your site, then it is better not to use JavaScript. Ensure that all links are working properly. There are free online facilities that will check that all these requirements are met.
The size of web pages in your site is another factor to be attended. Big web pages take too much time to load. People won’t wait more than 5 minutes for a webpage to load, and search engines will not take web pages that are larger than 150k in size. Remember that the size of a page does not simply depend on the actual HTML file itself, but includes everything on the page such as images, banners etc.
If you have a lot of images on your pages, then either reduce the number of them, or use a program such as Macromedia Fireworks, or Photoshop to optimize them for the web. If the page has a big file size because there is a huge amount of text in it, then you should consider splitting the text into smaller, more manageable pieces and putting them on several pages and linking one to another.
Thus a right blend of design elements makes a good web design. You can read more about web design basics from the blogs written by experts from web design Los Angeles companies.


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